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Chewing Gum Removal 

Using our latest specialist equipment we can now remove chewing gum safely and efficiently from most surfaces. This works by using high presure steam at upto 180 degrees which softens the gum immediately and at the same time with the press of a trigger releases an enviromental friendly solution into the steam which then disolves the gum. In approximately 10 seconds the gum is removed and disolved. This is a very enviromentaly friendly and cost effective way to combat this problem. Due to the fast pace at which this equipment works we only have to cordon off very small areas at a time then the area can be used immediately after the gum removal. We can normally remove between 70-100 pieces of gum per hour and the work can normally be carried out during normal working hours which reduces any inconveinience to you, your customers and your site.


Builders Cleans
On site clean ups for the handover of new or refurbished properties will make the office space or house fit for the tenants. Working prior to handover, we ensure that our staff are ready to move in, clear all traces of builders dust and leftover rubbish so that the area is spotless and ready to move into.

Pest control

As we are fully insured and trained in ladder and cherry picker work we are able to provide birds spikes to all customers at any high level, please call us for an accurate quote as you will find our prices are lower than most specialist pest control companies.
 We also sell our humane rodent traps and other traps etc on our website and also from our trade counter. We can provide a regular contract service where we can service these traps on your site ensuring they are working efficiently and ridding the area of unwanted guests, these prices are very reasonable and again you will find these costs are lower than other specialist pest control companies.
These traps can be effective in every area where there is a rodent problem such as bin stores, around food premises and around edges of buildings.

Kitchen/Washroom Speed Cleans

We understand that health and safety is now a priority issue, C-tech can take the strain out of problem areas like kitchen and washrooms by offering fast and effective methods of cleaning that can be carried out around your business needs.

Room cleansing is now being used in hospitals, especially in rooms like washrooms to prevent cross infection and contamination. These methods can be transferred to the workplace to create a more healthy environment for all staff and visitors. A certificate can be issued
at your request after the deep clean.

Disinfectants, sanitisers and anti-bacterial solutions ensure that rooms are thoroughly cleansed to prevent bugs and infections across all areas in your regularly used and abused areas like kitchens and washrooms.

A total service with continued detailed monitoring that will give you peace of mind. This service can also be applied to flood damaged areas with effective results.

Hospitals, Residential Homes &
Professional Kitchens

Full and thorough cleaning of individual rooms can be carried out to include; curtains, blinds, rails, hooks and wall washing to prevent cross contamination.
A certificate is given once finished for you to display to your customers, patients and workforce.

High Reach Guttering Cleaning

High reach areas are not a problem where it may be unsafe for you or just impractical to reach. Carrying out a risk assessment before the start of any project, we will use the most appropriate equipment and method to carry out guttering cleaning, window cleaning, sign cleaning etc, safely and effectively.

Out of reach areas are sometimes out of sight and out of mind, these particular areas need continual maintenance to prevent overflowing rainwater from causing damp and rot to ruin and create costly repairs. Guttering can be inspected and repaired if possible on request.

Package includes all work carried out, equipment, materials and labour.

House & Office Clearance/Rubbish Removals

Another useful service we can now offer is house/office clearance this can be tailored to your needs and budget and can be used in conjunction with our cleaning services.

This service can include:
Appliance disconnection and removal; Washing machines, Cookers etc,
Carpets - either cleaned or removed,
Wallpaper removal/stripping,
top to bottom for easier sale,
Full house sanitation for house resale,
Furniture or rubbish removal,
Flood and fire damage assistance.

In cases of bereavement house clearing, our staff are fully trained to remain respectful and helpful at all times to make the job of clearance an easier process for the families left behind.

Our office & Trade Counter for Cleaning Supplies is open;

Monday to Friday

8.30am to 4pm.




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