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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for:
Home/Offices/ Showrooms/Care Homes/Waiting Rooms, Pubs, Hotels etc.

An individual assessment of your needs will be provided at your home or workplace before we start the work, to provide you the best in carpet cleaning.

We have recently invested several thousands or £££es in the latest brand new equipment. Your carpets whether at home or in the office are cleaned using this powerful equipment which leaves the carpets alot dryer than alot of other equipment used by other cleaing companies.

To enhance the fabric and to help kill any dust mites or fleas eggs or to simply give the carpet a good freshen up we always follow the following procedures and treatments;
pre-spray that is agitated into the fabric fibres helping to release dirt and grime, followed by deep cleaning with added batericidal solution and a non-foaming formulated powder that releases a pleasant odour to make the carpet smell as good as new.

A final odour spray is then applied which helps to neutralise any bacteria left in the fabric which is particularly helpful where pets lie.

Deodoriser and Bactericide solutions are also added to the cleaning solution to prevent bad odours from re-occurring. Unwanted aromas such as pet smells, urine and vomit can all be eliminated using these specially formulated solutions. Dust mites, dirt, dust and any insect eggs are thoroughly cleaned from the fabrics creating a more healthy environment.

Insecticide treatments can also be available and applied to fabric to remove any unwanted infestation of fleas and their eggs. Particularly effective in areas like the home or workplace where there are many people coming and going or where pets are allowed to roam freely.

This system can be used just about anywhere and gives the best results with good value for money and a quality finish that creates clean and fresh interiors.

Rugs & Mats - Collect & Clean Service

In addition, rugs and mats can be cleaned while you wait at our premises, alternatively we can provide a collect and return service, ideal for the busy shop, office or household, we can also provide courtesy mats while we take yours away to clean. (Shops, Offices only) These will be professionally steam cleaned using high grade solutions which includes stain remover treatments as well as deodorizer and perfume treatments. Our collect and clean service is available in all Tyne & Wear areas.

Rugs & Mats - Rental Service

For busy offices or businesses that need mats cleaned reguarly we recommend using our mat rental service. We supply your mats and replace them every week, 2 weeks or monthly with cleaned mats on a regular contract eliminating the need for you to keep organising this and all at a great value price. Different colours and sizes available. Please call for more information 0191 4222292

Please call for our latest prices with your rug sizes.


A new service to our clients that allows them to either bring in their dusty blinds to our office or we can offer a collection service for busy people.

Please call for our latest prices with your sizes. please bare in mind that this is a labour intensive service and can take 2-4 days from collection to complete your blinds depending on how many there are. We may not start your blinds for 48 hours after droping off or collection therefore please call us prior if you need them back with-in a set time.

The process for our best results;

Our process involves steeping your blinds in a solution tank first for several hours. Each blind section is then cleaned by hand ensuring all edges and surafces are thoroughly cleaned. After each side is cleaned the whole blind is then rinsed using our specially filtered de-ionised water at our warehouse, this happens approx 3 times before carefully hanging to dry. This process gives great results every time which leaves no streaks or marks. We then carefully inspect each segment by hand. Your cords are also cleaned and then a final inspection before we call you.

Shredding Service

For small amounts of secure documents from small businesses and households

We now provide a secure shredding service which includes shredding of secure data protected documents or CDes. These items are shredded using our high security portable shredder which shreds the documents to a High Security Level 5 Ministry of Defence standard into small confetti pieces which are impossible to place back together again by data thieves. We can collect these documents from your premises or you can hire this equipment from us at only £25.00 per day plus vat and do it yourself. (Minimum 3 day hire and delivery/ collection charges apply with-in 25 mile radius ).

Prices are available on request call 0191 5368383.

We can even do this for you at our office for £15.00 per half hour or do it yourself for ,£10.00 per half hour. minimum charge is £10.00. simply call us then arrange a time and come to our premises with your documents.



Wall paper stripping, House clearance, old tile or fittings removed ready for refurbishment

We can carry these services out for domestic and commercial customers. The service includes stripping old wall paper, tiles from walls etc and we can even prepare the walls by sanding and bonding them ready for new paper, tiles or painting. House clearances or refurbishments can involve alot of hard work and organisation so we can remove old furniture, carpets, flooring, doors, fittings etc and even make safe electrical, plumbing and gas supplies before any work commences.

Please call us to arrange a free visit to quote you accurately.

Fire and flood restoration

Working with you or with your insurance companie we can clean up areas fast where fire or flood damage has occurred.
This can be in your home, office, and warehouse or on the area surrounding your building.
We can remove and dispose of all damaged furnishings, carpets, damaged stock etc. We can arrange skips and clean up all the mess left behind.
Our teams can remove skirting, architrave and plaster from walls to help with the drying out process and getting it prepared for the redecorating.
Once everything has been removed we can then start the sanitising and cleaning of the areas affected. Using professional dehumidifiers, air movers and specialist solutions we can remove odours and deposits left behind. Bacteria build up can cause unpleasant odours as well as providing breading areas for e-coli, mrsa, and other dangerous viruses. Our cleaning solutions can kill these viruses and help decontaminate the areas.
All walls, floors and ceilings can be washed with these solutions before decorating giving you peace off mind that nothing nasty has been left behind.

A fast professional and thorough service where we understand your needs and provide a one stop shop service eliminating the need for several different companies being involved.


Our office & Trade Counter for Cleaning Supplies is open;

Monday to Friday

8.30am to 4pm.

For further information or a
no-obligation assessment contact:

C-tech North East
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